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Getting Released

Well, it happened. I was extended a release from being Elders Quorum President from my ward. I knew it would come eventually, as I have been in the presidency for 6 years and as president for 3 of them. Last … Continue reading

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Member Missionary Work

When I served my full-time mission in Toronto, Canada, it would bug me so bad that members didn’t seem to care about member missionary work. As a missionary, you realized fairly quickly that you were only as effective as your … Continue reading

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Creating a Meaningful Scripture Marking System

I thought that I would share my thoughts on creating a scripture marking system that works and is meaningful to you. I want to share this, because my wife has a new quadruple combination, and she is struggling with exactly … Continue reading

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Loving Those Who Hate You

I am really quite upset, and blogging for me seems to be therapeutic.  So, hopefully I will feel better by the end of this post.  I have some next door neighbors that act as anything but Christian.  Unfortunately, this makes … Continue reading

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