Imposing Religion on Government

Okay, here’s something to think about.  Should the teachings of the LDS Church, or any religion for that matter, impose itself upon the government?  I think, for obvious reasons, the answer would be no.  Think about it for a minute.  We give the people agency to govern themselves without imposing risk to others.  The whole purpose of government is to impose rules and laws to protect society.

Let’s think about this.  Murder.  There are laws against murder to protect the citizens of the society.  Same with stealing, drunk driving, drugs, etc.  So, now, I am going to pose another topic, which as been fairly of hot debate lately.  Notice what happens to your blood pressure, and emotions.

Should the government allow same sex marriages?

Immediately, definitely if you are a proclaimed Republican, you say with a loud resounding NO!  Of course not!  It goes against everything we believe.  Gay activies are a sin and an abomination in the eyes of God.  Plain and simple.  I don’t think we need to clarify any further.

Now ask yourself why not.  Why should gays not be allowed the right to marry?  Because it’s a sin?  Careful, you just agreed that religion should not impose itself upon government.  But same sex marriages is an exception, right?  Well, what did we define the purpose of government to be?  Protect the citizens from the risk to others.  Tell me, what risk are same sex marriages presenting to you?

Again, going back to agency, God has given us the right to rule ourselves.  We have our agency.  So, whether or not we pass a law that allows same sex marriages, the law will not change the actions of those people.  So why not give them the same rights as a husband and wife?  Why not give them the legal rights to make life and death decisions for their partner?  I am not condoning the gay lifestyle, at all.  It is wrong, and a sin, as mentioned before.  But is giving them the right to marry a sin?  Are you sinning by seperating the religion from the government?  Interesting question, isn’t it?

Believe me, this took a great deal to swallow.  The principle is taught in the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and even the New Testament.  Setting laws and forcing someone to live the principles of religion is ungodly and sacreligious.  It is against the greatest gift that God has given us, the gift of agency.  When the Millenium comes, then will the laws of God be the laws of the people.  Until then, it is completely within the Plan of Happiness for people to exercise their agency, and for everyone else to allow them that right.

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4 Responses to Imposing Religion on Government

  1. john says:

    Aaron, of course we all have the ability to choose for ourselves or a right of choice. I can be gay you can be gay anyone can be gay. What I don’t agree with is when sexual orientation is thought of as a separate classification or personality instilled from birth. This then puts numerous sociologic discrepancies of ones Self-Concept. It goes against natural personality principles and introduces ideas that were just “accepted” or learned.

    Why would one who is “Gay” need to come out of the closet. How did they know they were Gay? What experiences convinced them of this? How does one know that he is black? He or she just has to look into the mirror. How does one know that they are gay? Is it as easy as telling whether they are black or white? This then has to be a process of Self/Self-Concept. This leads to the fact that this Self-concept is therefore learned. If then learned why not correct this learned state? Why should we accept this? We are not limiting this person’s right. For they chose to be “Gay” based on Self-Concept. I did not choose to be a man and an African-American did not choose to be Black. Therefore rights based on that can be justified.

    The issue with regard for “Gays” having no right to marry is irrelevant seeing that their view of Self-Concept is misconstrued. Should we accept the sinner and not the sin? Of course we should accept them. Should we accept the sin and the sinner? Defiantly not!
    One last thing is this. Why does the church go through all the trouble of asking members to vote against allowing “Gays” to marry? Is it because we want to take away their Right? Of course not, it has nothing to do with that at all. It is a state of Self.
    This can get into a big debate and i probably opened a can but oh well :)

  2. Aaron says:

    Yup. You’ve opened a can.

    I think you’re missing the point of the post. The point isn’t about how they were born, when you chose or when you don’t chose to be gay, or any of that. The point of the post is to argue that as a government, we don’t have a right to impose religious beliefs into law. It’s not taught anywhere in the Scriptures, and it certainly isn’t taught by any of the prophets or apostles.

    Follow this link. It may explain my position a bit better: Top 10 reasons gay marriage should be illegal.

  3. Bob says:

    Keeping homosexual marriages out of our society is not about religion. It is about the core unit of our nation, that is the family. A mother, father and children. Our society is based on that core unit. Look at any community where you have a high percentage of fatherless homes and you have a break down of society and high crime. The same will hold true if we start seeing more homosexual couples raising children.
    This is all about Satan tearing down the family, which brings down our nation.
    In Utah the LDS church should be very active in what the government is doing. It should be trying and the citizens should be trying to keep our values and not let the minority that is moving in take over our state and make it just like where they left, which is why they left.

  4. Aaron says:


    If it’s not about religion, then explain why you couldn’t even type your comment without “This is all about Satan tearing down the family…”.

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