Not Always Inspired

This post might shock a few of you, but if you just sit and think about it, you’ll probably agree. Recently, I was having a discussion with my grandfather about inspiration and being in constant communication with the Holy Ghost. Surely, you can live your life in such a way, that if you ever want that inspiration, it’s there. But, does the Holy Ghost always inspire every action you make? No. Of course not. But, what about the prophet? Does everything the prophet do and say, inspired?

No. Of course not. Think about it. Is the prophet inspired by the Holy Ghost when he decides to have Cheerios in the morning for breakfast? Is the prophet inspired to talk to his secretary about something, instead of going straight to his office? What about when playing with his grandkids or great-grandkids? Was playing with the toy trains an inspired action? You could easily say that the Holy Ghost will only inspire you to do things that pertain to your salvation, and the prophet is no different. The Holy Ghost isn’t going to sit here, and tell the prophet every minute detail of every nanosecond of his life, what he should do.

Actions are one thing, but what about things he says? I have no doubt that the sermons he gives over the pulpit are inspired. I have no doubt that when counseling the church on matters of doctrine, he is inspired. But is everything that comes out of his mouth inspired? Surely, he won’t lead us astray. We’ve been told that. But, does the Holy Ghost need to babysit every verbal utterance? No, of course not. You can’t tell me it’s inspired when he tells his wife “I love you”. It’s romantic, sure. But inspired? Maybe habit. Or how about when he expresses his political opinions on things of government. Inspired? Maybe, actually. But, maybe not. The prophet can certainly have an opinion without the Holy Ghost. Of course he can. This doesn’t make him apostate or evil.

So, while I appreciate everything the prophet does for us, he’s not always inspired. The prophet is still human. He has his own personal opinions and attitudes that do not directly conflict the teachings of the LDS Church, and that’s okay. So, while I will certainly follow the prophet, this doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to question why I’m following a certain directive. You should question everything, actually, but I’ll save that for another post.

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